About us

Activists from all over the world,  who constitute an important part of the perpetual struggle for uprightness in these postmodern times, continue to seek inspiration from manitobaclassaction.com. Supporting human rights is not just an ethical commitment; it’s an indispensable national interest: Any country is unassailable and secure when its mandates, customs, and actions measures up to its values.

Manitobaclassaction.com is an informative blog site that motivates Australians to live up to its principles and beliefs. We understand that leadership skills are integral to the worldwide struggle for human rights. Therefore, all our efforts are directed towards educating and informing individuals about the significance of human rights. Our innovative and engaging blogs are a part of our effort to instill a sense of accountability and justice in today’s youth.

We intend to unite scholastics, experts, and activists from over the globe to promote the concept of equality and non-discrimination and in the process, safeguard human rights. Via a healthy interchange of thoughts, we continually strive to encourage a superior comprehension of human rights principles, to evolve novel viewpoints with respect to the implementation of the policies, and to impact the improvement of human rights law and practice.

Our Blog provides also an international platform for human rights academics and solicitors to express their views on latest human rights developments.